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1. Off the Sheikh Zayed Road take Exit 42 for the D65 into Al Quoz.
2. At the traffic lights take a U Turn
3. Take the first right onto 6th Street
4. After DEWA on the left & Dynatrade on right side, take the slip road on the right, follow it round (50 metres) until you come the Gulf Leisure warehouse.
5. Entrance through the arch on the right side.
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Our outdoor coolers
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Quality stainless steel outdoor coolers
Blastcool presents Europe’s only safety approved outdoor beverage coolers. Outdoor kitchens are an extremely smart addition to a home and require the best appliances. Blastcool fridges will add visual beauty thanks to their high grade stainless steel construction. They can withstand all weather, from rain to 40°C heat. This range of outdoor fridges chills drinks 5 times quicker than a household fridge. Blastcool use the best components that are GreenPeace approved and extremely energy efficient.
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Quality stainless steel
The GSP series coolers are made from top quality 304 food grade steel, ideally suited to outdoor areas, with excellent corrosion resistant properties.

Reflective interior
The interior uses polished stainless steel which has an attractive mirror finish, reflecting the bottles inside and adding a smart design flourish.

Strong handles
A full length stylish stainless steel door handle is easy to grab and robust in construction.

Precision control
An Italian electronic controller regulates the temperature with the precision necessary for professional standard food and drinks service. The user interface incorporates an ECO button and light switch behind the all weather protective cover.

Low energy lighting
LightingLED lighting displays the contents with allure and clarity at the same time. An optional blue cover can be used to change the colour for designers who require a more subdued tone.

Safety glass
Two layers of toughened safety glass help to ensure that the glass is resistant to breakage. In the event of a manor impact, the glass will shatter into small safer squares rather than dangerous shards of glass. This is critical for poolside or garden areas where children may be playing.

Adjustable shelving
Bottles come in many different shapes and sizes. Blastcool designed coolers have adjustable shelving on 2H and 3H models.

Self-closing doors and locks
The GSP series feature smooth self-closing doors that save energy and keep the cold sealed in. All coolers have a lock as standard.

Fronting venting
The GSP series is entirely front venting, thus allowing them to be fully built in. Cool air is drawn in through one side of the bottom griller and expelled from the other side by a powerful fan within the compressor department. A high efficiency heat exchanger disputes the heat, even in temperatures of 40+ ‘C.
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